In Cross-TIC, artists and cultural creators who (want to) live and work in Twente are selected for various cross-media development projects. They can participate in research, productions, intensive development programs and collective activities.

The art projects take place at various locations throughout Twente: at venues, movie houses, libraries, kulturhuzen, festivals, museums and public spaces. The project aims to support and mentor “makers of the future” and make Twente more attractive to both new makers and their audiences.

Cross-TIC will be implemented from 2021 to 2024 by nine core partners in Twente (Library Almelo & Theater Hof 88, Kunsten op Straat, Oyfo, PLANETART, Schouwburg Hengelo, Theater Sonnevanck, Stichting Oldenzaalse Musea, Tetem and Concordia (penciler)) as well as the cultural partners and educational institutions in Twente. The project is supported by the Province of Overijssel and the 14 municipalities that make up the Twente Cultural Region.