Stijn Bolhuis

.. investigates a new form of theatre, in which the audience is placed in a virtual world together with the actors.

Stijn produced the performance I AM, I AM NOT for Theater on Tour during his second trajectory within Cross-TIC together with Booi Kluiving.

Theater in VR / VR in Theater

Stijn wants to make the medium of virtual reality accessible for a theater setting, in which the audience can participate in an interactive performance. But which senses do you appeal to? And how do you engage an audience in VR?


In I AM, I AM NOT, Narcissus faces an AI. In that meeting, Narcissus questions his own existence. He is trying to connect with and be seen by the AI. And to even love these. But in his attempts to get closer, Narcissus seems to disturb his own reflection each time, and so does his only recognition of existence. Frustrated by his puny efforts, Narcissus slowly lapses into manic episodes and branches off further.

This production was created with support from Theater Sonnevanck and was developed for Theater on Tour.

Theater in VR / VR in Theater