OPEN CALL: Production X Broedplaatsen


Number of available trajectories: 1

Deadline: May 8, 2023, 12:00 p.m.

Project starts: June 2023

Cross-TIC invites you to submit a proposal for a cross-media PRODUCTION.

Artists who wish to create a cross-media installation which will be presented for the first time during GOGBOT Festival 2023, 7 – 10 September in Enschede. You will be working at the Broedplaatsen profile (WARP) on a project that relates to the themes of GOGBOT 2023. The works at GOGBOT can be characterized as futuristic, contrarian, socially critical, telling a story about technology and the future.

Your production may be focused on experimenting with new (interactive) video works or physical installations. Ideally, your work will touch on this year’s research theme, but PLANETART is also open to other ideas that zoom in on the relationship between art and technology.

PLANETART’s research theme for 2023 is DRUGS & Artificial Intelligence. What parallels do you see between technology and drugs – between hard tech and soft tech? Do we need more soft tech to stay afloat in an information overload world dominated by big hard tech? What is your perspective on a ‘control society’, hyper-capitalism and technological brainwashing?

Cross-TIC is looking for artists from all professional art disciplines: film, theatre, visual arts, design, music, and performance who live and/or (want to) work in Twente. This Open Call is suited for an individual artist.

As an artist participating in a production trajectory, you get to spend 300 hours to work on your own proposal. You will be doing so from PLANETART’s Broedplaats (WARP): in a Broedplaats, artists from different disciplines come together. Together they develop new projects and gain new knowledge. So at a Broedplaats, you quickly become part of the community and thus there is a lot of room for interaction between different artists. You will be actively guided and supported in your process by a profile coordinator, who will provide you with feedback and link you to relevant research and implementation partners.

Your production proposal consists of:

  • A description of your concept for this project and how the project relates to (the theme of) GOGBOT;
  • An elaboration of your research and production approach. Please indicate who contributes to your production and why.
  • A description of the expertise you still lack (Technical, artistic, conceptual, etc.)
  • Why you want to realize this project, what the reason and urgency is for you, and what step you want to take as an artist.
  • A place to bring your plan to fruition and present it;
  • A fee of € 36.75 per hour (ex. VAT);
  • A production budget of € 5,250 (ex. VAT);
  • guidance from the profile coordinator for Broedplaatsen at partner PLANETART, with various facilities such as WARP, 360 lab, workshops, flex work offices, stages, SPACEBAR and FAKEBAR;
  • Participation in a maker day (6 – 8 hours);
  • Participation in the Community of Practice (12 hours);
  • Up to 2 presentations on your project to partners and stakeholders;
  • external expertise: a budget to call in external expertise (in consultation with the profile coordinator) in your desired field;
  • a new network: as an artist within Cross-TIC, you will become part of a new regional, cross-discipline network of makers and get to know the cultural institutions and partners in Twente;
  • Support in developing your entrepreneurship.

Would you like to submit a proposal? Then submit your project plan (consisting of 3 separate PDFs) using the Google form above.

Your complete proposal is to consist of:

– A project plan
– Your portfolio
– A resume of you and your collaborative partner(s), if any

About the project plan: Describe what you want to do and why (concept); how your plan relates to your existing practice as a creator/collective (reason and urgency); how you will carry out your project (elaboration and planning); what external expertise you would like to enlist and with whom, if any, you would like to carry out your project.

After the deadline, all project proposals are discussed by four profile coordinators. The coordinator of the relevant Open Call is ultimately responsible for selecting the project and supervising it. You will receive a response to your proposal no later than 4 weeks after the deadline. Project planning will continue to be coordinated with Cross-TIC partners.