Time Based Media

Time Based Media is a profile for film and video projects, (post-)Internet and sound art in which technology plays an important role. A project within this profile is not tied to a specific venue, which means there is plenty of room for the development of autonomous projects – as long as a cross-media approach is central.


Number of available trajectories: 1
Deadline: May 8, 2023, 12:00 p.m.
Start date: June 2023

Time Based Media is a collective term for film and video work, (post-) Internet and sound art in which technology plays an important role. In summary, anything that can be seen on a screen.

For this Open Call, we invite artists who want to make a short film that explores the boundaries of the traditional experience of film. How would you direct an innovative short film? We cordially invite you to consider this core theme, and submit a proposal for a PRODUCTION within the TIME BASED MEDIA profile.

Your film project will premiere on Nov. 4, 2023, during Museumnacht Enschede.

The key question of this Open Call is: How do you create a distinctive film experience that consists of more than just watching a screen? In this case, “innovative” may mean:

  • Incorporating new technologies such as AR, VR, XR, 360 Video and/or;
  • interacting with the audience;
  • including immersive components or technology, merging the film’s venue and local atmosphere.

Practical requirements:

  • length: minimum of 3, maximum of 10 minutes.
  • a viewing experience for at least 10 people at once.
  • the film will be touring through Twente, and has to be installed and shown on multiple locations.
  • premiere: November 4, 2023 during Museumnacht Enschede

You will be working on your project in the Time Based Media profile, with support by Concordia. In this profile, we look for plans that question the traditional experience of film, that aim to engage with a viewer in different ways, appealing to multiple senses simultaneously or even invite participation.

Cross-TIC is looking for proposals that offer a convincing artistic quality, are explicitly cross-media, and centre on research, experimentation and collaboration.

Cross-TIC is looking for artists from all professional art disciplines: film, theatre, visual arts, design, music, and performance who live and/or (want to) work in Twente. We are looking for artists who want to work cross-media, beyond the boundaries of their own discipline; using different media, with a technological and/or innovative approach.

  • A presentation of the result of your work during the Museumnacht Enschede on November 4, 2023;
  • Up to 2 presentations on your project for partners and/or stakeholders;
  • Participation in a maker day with presentations, workshops and networking activities along with other Cross-TIC makers (approximately 6 hours);
  • Participation in Community of Practice sessions (approximately 12 hours).
  • A place to develop and present your cross-media production.
  • Support and advice from Time Based Media’s Cross-TIC profile coordinator (at Concordia), consisting of a number of meetings.
  • There is a budget available to hire external expertise (in consultation with the profile coordinator).
  • Compensation: As a creator (or collective) in a production project, you will receive a total of 300 hours (for a total fee of €11,025) to work on your production.
  • Production budget: € 5250 to cover production-related costs such as materials, transportation, extra help and travel expenses.
  • A new network. As a Cross-TIC artist, you will become part of a new regional, cross-discipline network of artists and get to know Twente’s cultural institutions and partners.
  1. A project plan with:
    – A description of your concept for this production.
    – An explanation about the innovative nature of your idea?
    – An explanation about the audience experience – why is it so distinctive?
    – An elaboration of the approach to your production. Please indicate who contributes to your production and why.
    – A description of the expertise you still lack (Technical, artistic, conceptual, etc.)
    – An explanation of your personal motivation: what’s your urgency, what should this production be made?
  2. A treatment (maximum 4 – A4 / 1400 words):
    A detailed description of the content and storyline of your innovative short film.

    Your project plan and treatment will be judged on the following: artistic quality; cross-media; collaboration; use of technology; innovation; and creativity.
  3. Portfolio (of you and your collaborative partner(s), if any)
  4. CVs of you and your collaborative partner(s) (if any)

Please submit your proposal using this Google form.

After the deadline, all project proposals are discussed by four profile coordinators. The coordinator of the relevant Open Call is ultimately responsible for selecting the project and supervising it. You will receive a response to your proposal no later than 4 weeks after the deadline. Project planning will continue to be coordinated with Cross-TIC partners.