Nils Rublein

.. explored how to challenge the stigma surrounding drug use through an immersive audiovisual experience with his project Breaking the Stigma

Nils Rublein is a robotics researcher, musician and artist, majoring in Interaction Technology at the University of Twente. In his artistic endeavors, he aims to challenge assumptions, inspire change and raise awareness of pressing, social issues.

Stigma discourages help-seeking and creates social barriers such as discrimination in the job market, housing problems or limited access to educational opportunities, hindering full participation in society. Moreover, stigma dehumanizes and marginalizes people who use drugs, preventing them from being seen as complex people with their own stories, struggles and aspirations. Stigma is challenged by creating an audiovisual experience that depicts the personal story of a person struggling with substance abuse and the profound challenges he faces, including the pervasive stigma that surrounds his journey. Overall, the goal of this project is to foster a more open discussion about stigma and encourage empathy, understanding and open-mindedness.