In a Broedplaats, creators of different disciplines come together. Together they develop new projects and gain new knowledge. So at a Broedplaats, you quickly become part of the community and thus there is a lot of room for interaction between different artists.


OPEN CALL: Production X Broedplaatsen

Deadline: April 4, 2024

Cross-Tic is looking for artists and creators who want to create (under supervision) a new cross-media art production/artwork for the GOGBOT Festival 2024 in Enschede. Directly to the form(link to Google form)

Cross-Tic is looking for artists and creators who want to create (under supervision) a new cross-media art production/artwork for the GOGBOT Festival 2024 in Enschede. You will work with a supervisor from the organization on an installation or performance that will be presented to the public for the first time during GOGBOT, from September 12 – 15 at a location to be determined in downtown Enschede. Each year the festival works with a theme to which the programmed works connect, but in general GOGBOT presents futuristic, contrarian and socially critical art that tells a story about technology and the future. You can think of video works, but more physical installations are also part of the program. The full program will be announced in parts in the coming months. Check and the aftermovies if you want to get an impression of the atmosphere of festival. For this open call, we are looking for artists to create a work that touches on the theme of 2024.

Who are we looking for?

Cross-TIC seeks individual creators or collectives from all professional art disciplines: film, theater, visual arts, music and performance who live and/or (want to) work in Twente. We are looking for creators or collectives who want to work cross-media, beyond the boundaries of their own discipline; using different media, with a technological and/or innovative approach. And they fit the vibe of the GOGBOT Festival.

The theme of GOGBOT 2024 is Atom Smasher, an all-encompassing nuclear ode to the atomic building blocks that connect us all. With Atom Smasher – a nod to the awesome power of particle accelerators – artists from around the world showcase the connecting, inspiring and also terrifying possibilities of technology. From spectacular light installations to mind-blowing video works about elementary particles, Atom Smasher is an insane fusion of art, technology, science and social debate.

Mankind looks to science above all for solving the great social crises of the 21st century. But science is in dire straits. Politicians publicly question the usefulness of science. And the media reduce complicated data and research findings to sensational headlines. There seems to be an imbalance between the inaccessible scientific world and the daily reality of many people. They do not energize each other, but work against each other. This can lead to the emergence of uncontrolled social tensions and thus explosive situations. Through its festival program, Atom Smasheraims to strengthen the relationship between science and ordinary people – like a particle accelerator.

Atom Smasher was inspired by CERN, the Institute for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary in September. CERN is best known for the Large Hadron Collider. This colossal 27-kilometer-long machine shoots the tiniest sub-atomic particles at each other at nearly the speed of light, a technological marvel that stretches our understanding of reality. Moreover, CERN illustrates the impact of human cooperation. It brings together more than 6,000 scientists from 80 different countries

As a creator in the Cross-Tic production process, you will have 2 to 4 months to work on your own proposal. You do this in collaboration with a GOGBOT supervisor and his/her network. Together you will look at what interesting connections can be made in the region when developing your artwork. The supervisor also provides you with feedback and links you to relevant partners. Read more about Cross-TIC here.

This production process at Cross-Tic consists of:

  • Presenting your work during GOGBOT (Sept. 12 – 15, 2024);
  • a fee of €39 per hour (ex. VAT) for a total of 300 hours;
  • A separate production budget of € 5350 (ex. VAT);
  • guidance from GOGBOT and its network;
  • Participation in a maker day (6 – 8 hours total);
  • Participation in Communities of Practice (12 hours);
  • up to 2 (short) substantive presentations on your project to partners and stakeholders;
  • external expertise: there is a budget to call in external expertise (in consultation with your supervisor) in your desired field;
  • a new network: as an artist within Cross-TIC, you will become part of a new regional, cross-discipline network of makers and get to know the cultural institutions and partners in Twente;
  • Support in developing your overall cultural entrepreneurship.

Submitting your idea
Directly to the form (link to Google form)

Would you like to submit a proposal? Then submit the following in 3 separate PDFs:

  • your portfolio
  • your CV
  • your project plan

This can be done through the Google form above.

Project Plan

Incorporate the following aspects into your project plan:

  • A description of your concept for this production, the audience experience and how the project relates to (the theme of) GOGBOT;
  • Why you want to execute this plan, what the reason and urgency is for you, and what step you want to take as a creator;
  • A production plan including a time schedule and rough budget;
  • A description of the expertise you are still missing and experts/professionals you already know yourself with whom you would like to engage in conversation.


After the April 4, 2024 deadline, all project proposals will be discussed by four profile coordinators. The coordinator of the relevant Open Call is ultimately responsible for selecting the project and supervising it. You will receive a response to your proposal no later than 4 weeks after the deadline.


Cross-TIC was developed by the Twente Culture Region: 14 Twente municipalities working together in the field of culture. In consultation with the cultural field, they developed a vision for culture in the region. Based on that vision, Cross-TIC was set up by Library Almelo & Theater Hof 88, Werkplaats Diepenheim, Oyfo, PLANETART, Schouwburg Hengelo, Theater Sonnevanck, Stichting Oldenzaalse Musea, Tetem and Concordia (penman).

Contact details
Do you have questions about the Open Call? If so, please contact the project manager: