For this profile, we are looking for creators of projects in which a live event with an audience is central, and in which interactive applications or other technological environments are used.


OPEN CALL: Research x Stage

Deadline: November 26, 2023 | 12:00 p.m.

Cross-TIC seeks creators interested in researching and/or creating a cross-media production. Directly to the form (link to Google form)

We cordially invite you to submit a proposal for a RESEARCH x PODIUM:

For this research, we are looking for makers who are engaged in “living technology & performance” and want to focus their own research question in it.

Cross-TIC seeks project proposals in all art disciplines: film, theater, visual arts, music (and others) from artists and creatives living and/or working in Twente, who want to develop their work and realize a cross-media production. Cross-TIC is looking for proposals that offer a convincing artistic quality, are explicitly cross-media, and centre on research, experimentation and collaboration.

Your research will start no later than December 2023.

  • A description of your concept for this research and how the project relates to “living technology & performance
  • An elaboration of the approach and planning of your research. Also indicate who is contributing to your research and why.
  • A description of the expertise you still lack (technical, artistic, conceptual, etc.)
  • Why you want to conduct this research, what the reason and urgency is for you, and what step you want to take as an artist.

As a maker or maker team in a research project, you get 216 hours to work on your own proposal.

As an example, if you work in a team of 2, you divide the 216 hours between you, for example, 108 hours each.

  • A place to bring your plan to fruition and present it;
  • A fee of €36.75 per hour (ex. VAT);
  • guidance from the Podium profile coordinator
  • Participation in a maker day (6 – 8 hours);
  • Up to 2 presentations on your research to partners and stakeholders;
  • external expertise: a budget to call in external expertise (in consultation with the profile coordinator) in your desired field;
  • a new network: as an artist within Cross-TIC, you will become part of a new regional, cross-discipline network of makers and get to know the cultural institutions and partners in Twente;
  • Support in developing your entrepreneurship.

Submitting your idea
Directly to the form (link to Google form)

Would you like to submit a proposal? Then submit the following in 3 separate PDFs:

  • your research plan
  • your portfolio
  • your CV

Which this via the Google form above.

Research Plan

In the research plan, you will address:

  • What is your research question?
  • How does this question relate to living technology & performance?
  • Why do you want to conduct this research?
  • What prompted you to do this research and why do you want to do it now?
  • What step(s) do you want to take as a creator?
  • Broadly, how do you want to approach this research in elaboration and planning?
  • What expertise are you missing? (technical, artistic, conceptual, etc.)


After the deadline, all project proposals are discussed by four profile coordinators. The coordinator of the relevant Open Call is ultimately responsible for selecting the project and supervising it. You will receive a response to your proposal no later than 4 weeks after the deadline. The start date of your project will be coordinated with your profile coordinator. The project will start no later than December 2023.

About Cross-TIC
Cross-TIC is a multi-year project taking place throughout Twente that aims to give artists living and/or working in Twente the opportunity to develop innovative cross-media art projects. The projects can take place at different art institutions and can be short, medium or long. During a trajectory, an artist is encouraged to experiment, conduct research, enter into new collaborations and develop himself further in the business field as well. The outcomes are made visible at cultural institutions (libraries, culture houses, film houses, theaters and museums), at festivals or at the creative incubators in the region. Cross-TIC will take place until at least the end of 2024, and consists of a total of 33 development paths


Cross-TIC was developed by the Twente Culture Region: 14 Twente municipalities working together in the field of culture. In consultation with the cultural field, they developed a vision for culture in the region. Based on that vision, Cross-TIC was set up by Library Almelo & Theater Hof 88, Kunsten op Straat, Oyfo, PLANETART, Schouwburg Hengelo, Theater Sonnevanck, Stichting Oldenzaalse Musea, Tetem and Concordia (penman).

Contact details
Do you have questions about the Open Call? If so, please contact Project Manager Julia(Julia@cross-tic.nl)