Karen Smid and Doremiek Lamain

… developed a story for the Storyscope for primary school children.

Doremiek and Karen explored how to create an educational story about technology, the future, innovation and sustainability. This resulted in the New Stories project. In doing so, they used the Storyscope: a projector that combines analogue and digital through animated story elements.

With the characters and story elements in New Stories, children were also encouraged to engage with their environment and the environment themselves, using the little robot Robin.

Karen and Doremiek are conducting this project within the Making Places at Tetem and in collaboration with regional libraries, Schouwburg Hengelo and Theater Sonnevanck.

The process within Cross-TIC has been completed for the storyscope, from which great results have emerged. The story that Karen and Doremiek developed with the Storyscope is being offered as a workshop to primary schools in Overijssel by Tetem. The Tetem teachers had teacher training for this combined with practice moments where they could guide small groups of visitors on how to use the storyscope. Finally, teaching materials have been developed to accompany the storyscope, allowing schools to prepare well for the classroom workshop.

More information about the workshop via Tetem

In October 2022, during the autumn holidays, the Storyscope was on display at several libraries in Twente as part of the pop-up Film Festival Twente.

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